Is Efficiency Killing Your Joy?

Every morning I do the same routine.

  • Wake up
  • Write
  • Shower
  • Gather my belongings for the day
  • Drive to work taking the same exact route.

Last Friday I was greeted by a beautiful morning and I received a flash of inspiration. Hey, why not ride the bike in today!

No, I’m not talking about pedaling a bicycle, I’m talking about saddling up on a 400lbs, 650cc beast known simply as a Suzuki SV.
I fired up the v-twin engine, zipped up my jacket, and buckled my helmet.

I was off!

The normal way I take to work is a right, then another right. Then a left. Then a right and another right into myEfficiency-Killing-Your-Joy work parking lot. Yep, only one inefficient left in my entire route to work. I had completely optimized my commute.

Instead of turning right out of my driveway a little voice inside my head told me to turn left.

As soon as I threw my leg over the motorcycle, the objective changed. Instead of some utilitarian means of transit, I was now on a machine built for speed coupled with joy.

The left-hander out of the drive followed by another left was a diversion from the ordinary. I snaked the motorcycle down a windy road filled with a couple more stop signs and stop lights. These weren’t necessary on my normal methodical drive.

When I entered my work parking lot, I took a left without a second thought and opted for the twisty driveway with the off-camber right-hander.

I didn’t want the ride to be over.

I arrived at my cube, helmet in hand, a different man. I still wasn’t thrilled to be punching into my “nine-to-five” but I was definitely in a different mindset. Knowing that in a few short hours I would be able to take my lunch and break free from the cube-farm prison to ride my motorcycle once again. These simple thoughts changed the entire tune of my day.

Now, I obsessively optimize everything for efficiency, but I have found that can rob you of joy. Why not add some joy to your tasks? Especially the tasks that need to be done regularly.

I’ll turn the mic over to you. Is Efficiency Killing Your Joy? What things can you do to add more joy and put you in a better mindset? I feel a better mindset will ultimately translate to more productivity, creative energy, and overall well being. Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email.

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