Jim Rohn’s Law of Physics

Jim Rohn once notably said, “What Is Easy to Do Is Easy Not to Do.”

It’s easy to knock out 500 hundred words.difficult

Take a 15 minute walk.

Do a few sets of push-ups or pull-ups.

Practice guitar for 20 minutes to a half hour.


But it’s also easy not to do them.

It’s easier to craft alibis for the reasons we don’t follow through.

I don’t have my laptop at the ready.

It’s misting outside and I’d have to lace up my sneaks.

This movie or TV show is too good and I’ve waited too long to see it. My guitar will be there when I’m ready.

But, it’s often the easy things that can make the most difference in our lives.

In a mere 128 days (that’s four months and eight days for those with a public school education) you could write enough words to fill a book. Amazon estimate that at 64,000 words.

With just a half hour of deliberate music practice over that same amount of time, you would have logged 60 hours towards a worthwhile skill.

I believe in down time as much as the next guy. I’m hardly the slave driving taskmaster. If we don’t enjoy our lives, what’s the point of living? I’m not making a
case for workaholism with no sense of recreation. I’m rather advocating a mindset where we decide what we want in our lives and commit to a long-term process.

The little things we do add up and it cuts both ways.

The extra cigarette, the sugary soda, the early morning daily doughnut. Those all add up in the long run pushing us in the other direction.

When we don’t do the “easy things” the hard things get more difficult.

Author: Jeff

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