The End of Thoughtfulness

Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest impacts.

In a not so distant future, I’ll be able to have a gift sent to my nieces on their birthday without a second thought. There will be a system in place that will coordinate my Google Calendar to an Amazon Wishlist their parents set up.

As their birthdays approach, as triggered by the Google Calendar, an Amazon’s algorithm will select a gift for the soon to turn a year older niece and process the transaction. Without a conscious thought a transaction will happen and my niece will be delighted on her birthday with a gift from her Uncle Jeff.

Amazing, right?

Sometimes it’s not the actual gesture that matters, it’s the intent behind it.wildflower

A few weeks ago I was walking with my girlfriend. It was the peak of summer and the wild flowers were in full bloom.

I decided that it would be fun to pick a few and put together a bouquet for the girl.

I walked over and grabbed a purple one. Then a red one. And a yellow one. I found some cool pieces of wild flora to tie them all together and then gave them to her. She was pleased.

It didn’t cost me a hing. It wasn’t difficult. But, it did take thoughtfulness, spontaneity, and a some effort.

I love automation. I love systems. I’m wired for processes. They’re valuable, critical, and efficient. But, sometime thoughtfulness trumps all.

Author: Jeff

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