The First Episodes

Do you remember watching the first season of iconic shows like Seinfeld, The Simpsons, or The Office?

They tend to be pretty terrible.

The camera work is a little shaky, the dialogue sloppy, and the acting is missing it’s polish.

These shows are growing into what they will eventually be.

Do you think Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Matt Groening, or Ricky Gervais thought their work wasn’t good enough?


From interviews with Larry David, it becomes apparent that he thought the idea of Seinfeld would never work.seinfeld

The critics agreed with him and the show was on the perpetual chopping block each season until it’s fourth breakout season when it move to Thursdays on NBS.

But, the creators and writers worked their craft, refined their vision and produced exceptional work.

The early seasons of these iconic shows are rough around the edges, but in them there’s the DNA of what made them good.

This serves as a reminder to me. The product of my labor might not be good now, but if I invest the time and do the work eventually I can put something out into the world that is exceptional.

Author: Jeff

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