The Two Letters That Will Save You Time & Frustration While Writing

There are two small letters that save me a heap of time. I’m talking megatons.

I love research and I often get distracted and lose myself down the rabbit hole that is the infinite information of the internet. Just about anything is accessible with just a few stroke of a keypad or a click of the mouse. Hyperlinks lead to hyperlinks. Before I know it, I’m off track and forgot my original intent.

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be checking a fact or looking for original source material.

While writing, it’s important for me to focus at the task at hand and push through to the finish of a draft. It’s a race. I gotta get there!

The two letters that save me so much time and keep me from distractions are simply, TK.

I employee the TK technique while writing. If there is something that I need to research or cite, I’ll simply type a “TK” in my text and keep writing.

TK separates writing from research. I won’t get into the whole right-brain, left brain debate. I also will avoid the “Write drunk, edit sober” quote. Oh shit, too late.

The bottom line is that task switching can cost you valuable time, hinder your quality of work, and provide a more stressful work experience.

If I get sidetracked, I lose my place and my mojo. Nobody want’s to lose their mojo.










Why is TK so brilliant? TK isn’t an organic part of any word in the entire English Dictionary. Look it up.

This makes it easy for you to ctrl-F (open apple-F for you Mac users) and find all instances. (I had to TK, that one or I’d look like a fool to all the mac lovers.)

Mainly, TK is a cute journalistic hack that somebody far smarter than you made up so you could make sure that your research is done and that no nonsensical notes are pushed to publishing.

By adding two simple keystrokes, I stay on task, and like a good boy I finish my work.

Try TK out for yourself and get back to me.

Author: Jeff

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