Why I Never Talk About My Projects

One of the worst things for any creator is to lose steam on a project. To fizzle out when things get tough. It’s easy to quit When the project isn’t taking shape the way it was originally envisioned.

I rarely talk about my projects before they are built.

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to be the guy on the bar-stool talking about how he’s going to build the next great thing.project

I look at the the energy used to create my projects as finite. The idea doesn’t exist in reality, it only resides in the ether.

All the energy needed to create, needs to be directed into the project. Talking about the project diverts that energy and creative mojo away from the actual building and into the talking.

It’s a useless diversion that ends in second guessing, self doubt, and opens up the project to criticism from others.

Consider me a bit superstitious. As if talking about a project might jinx it. Instead of raving about a project, I deliberately work away at it until the vision has taken form in reality. Once structurally sound, I can then reveal it to other stakeholders and allies.

Author: Jeff

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